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Free advice, guidance and support for parents from third countries on all questions and problems relating to daycare, school or after-school care

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NEMSA – Network of parents in Saxony-Anhalt who have migration history: advice and support for parents

The project is aimed at building up a regional network for parents with a migration history. By providing this support, NEMSA hopes to significantly improve academic success among the children of these parents. The project, which was designed for parents with a third country migration history, offers parents the following services:

Advice and counselling:

Events for parents on a range of subjects (based on interest and demand):

Training parents who wish to get involved as knowledge multipliers

Do you want to get involved and help support other parents? Then please get in touch!

The NEMSA project is part of LAMSA e.V. – the regional network of migrant organisations Saxony-Anhalt.

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