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LAMSA e.V. (the regional network of migrant organisations Saxony-Anhalt) is a voluntary association made up of people with a migrant history in Saxony-Anhalt. As the umbrella organisation for a range of different migrant organisations across the region, LAMSA unites people from different backgrounds, different cultures and different religions under one banner, thus representing unity in diversity.

On 15th November 2008, the various migrant organisations across Saxony-Anhalt met in Dessau-Roßlau to join forces. Together, they formed the “Landesnetzwerk Migrantenorganisationen in Sachsen-Anhalt” (LAMSA), with the association being officially registered on 22nd March 2014 in Magdeburg.

LAMSA e.V. represents the political, economic, social and cultural interests of people with a migration history living in Saxony-Anhalt on a regional level.

LAMSA’s aim is to contribute towards promoting the integration of migrants within Saxony-Anhalt in the long term.

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